Concert Program and CD Arnold Schönberg, Franz Schubert: Piano Pieces, ECM 1999

[Thomas Larcher] has an uncanny sense of structure and timing, and his tonal colour is amazing, every note precisely in place and every chord balanced to perfection. Yet this does not come across as coldly calculated. The recording of the piano is superb and this is savour and hear repeatedly.

Peter Grahame Woolf: Music on the Web, 1999

Here the pianist Thomas Larcher boldly combines a program of piano pieces by Schönberg and Schubert: Two worlds of sound tentatively feel their way toward each other, touching on the points of contact as though it were self-evident. To follow Larcher’s idea, is to discover the subtle natural affinity which unites two composers who are so far apart in music history.

Peter Schüller: Klassik heute, 1999