Kraken for violin, violoncello and piano (1994–97)

WP: 27.11.1996, Vienna (AT)

I. schnell
II. langsam
III. bewegt
IV. fließend
V. schnell

Audio sample

Erich Höbart (violin), Thomas Demenga (cello), Thomas Larcher (piano) | CD Naunz

Programme note
“Kraken” is a reflection of my own compositional history. Different developmental stages are laid free, superimposed, and combined; layers are shifted, called into question, and destroyed.

In counterpoint to this, a net of other layers is spanned across the piece (rhythmical layers, layers of character, and tone color).

Instrumentation for a trio provides almost ideal conditions. The possibilities for combining the individual instruments are systematically exploited. Through the partial preparation of the piano, a fourth instrument, so to speak, is added.

Thomas Larcher, quoted from: program Jeunesse 1998/99, April 19 and 21, 1999