Thomas Larcher: What Becomes

Thomas Larcher: Smart Dust, Poems, A Padmore Cycle, What Becomes
Tamara Stefanovich (piano), Mark Padmore (tenor), Thomas Larcher (piano)
© Harmonia Mundi 2014

Smart Dust (2005)

I. Very slow
II. Very fast

Poems (1975–2000)

I. Sad yellow whale
II. Cantabile
III. Babu Chiri’s house
IV. Waking up in Najing
V. (The day) When I lost my funny green dog
VI. A little piece for Ursu
VII. Frida falls asleep
IX. One, two, three, four, nine
X. Twelve years old
XI. Don’t step on the Regenwurm!
XII. A song from?

What Becomes (2009)

Parabolic Bike

A Padmore Cycle (2010/11)

I. Ich schreibe heute durch
II. Almauftrieb
III. Hart am Herz
IV. Familie Numero drei
V. Hunger nach Heimat, die keine mehr ist
VI. Los los
VII. Ferdl
VIII. Und beim Weggehen schmilzt aus den Augen der Schnee
IX. Lange zögern die Steine
X. Dein Wort mein Blindenhund
XI. Der Körper des Vogels am Weg

Thomas Larcher’s sound world is both original and captivating in its fusion of contemplative harmonies with innovative performance techniques. Written for and performed by tenor Mark Padmore, A Padmore Cycle features the composer at the keyboard. Works for solo piano performed by Tamara Stefanovich round out this programme of first recordings.