Symphony No. 2 “Kenotaph”

Semyon Bychkov (conductor), BBC Symphony Orchestra | London August 2016


Ouroboros for cello and chamber orchestra

Jean-Guihen Queras (cello), Amsterdam Sinfonietta | Amsterdam 12.02.2016


Concerto for violin and orchestra

Isabelle Faust (violin), Kazuki Yamada (conductor), BBC Symphony Orchestra | London 04.03.2011


Böse Zellen for piano and orchestra





Till Fellner (piano), Dennis Russell Davies (conductor), Münchener Kammerorchester | CD Madhares


Madhares (string quartet No. 3)

I. Madhares

II. Honey from Anopolis

Quatuor Diotima | CD Madhares


IXXU (string quartet No. 2)

Rosamunde Quartett | CD IXXU


My Illness Is the Medicine I Need

My illness is the medicine I need.

I think I’ll stay here until I die, I’m tired of life. I don’t like freedom. The world frightens me.

Eat and sleep. Eat and slep. The monotony here kills you.

I like it when people ask me the time. It’s almost a conversation.

I don’t know why I’m here. I’ve no idea. I think people are brought here to be killed. I’m scared to death. Death will come to me covering all my body. And I will be silent forever.

Once they give you an injection you instantly stop hearing voices.

Andrea Lauren Brown (soprano), Christoph Poppen (violin), Thomas Demenga (cello), Thomas Larcher (piano) | CD IXXU



Thomas Demenga (cello), Thomas Larcher (piano) | CD IXXU


Cold Farmer (string quartet No. 1)

Rosamunde Quartett | CD IXXU


I. schnell

II. langsam

III. bewegt

IV. fließend

V. schnell

Erich Höbart (violin), Thomas Demenga (cello), Thomas Larcher (piano) | CD Naunz


Smart Dust

Tamara Stevanovitch (piano) | CD What Becomes



Thomas Larcher (piano) | CD Naunz



Thomas Larcher (piano) | CD Naunz


Sonata for violoncello

Thomas Demenga (cello)


Vier Seiten

Thomas Demenga (violoncello) | CD Naunz