Splinters for violoncello and piano (2012)

Work commissioned by Jennifer Roslyn Wingate, London
WP: 27.03.2012, London (UK), Wigmore Hall | Alban Gerhardt (violoncello), Thomas Larcher (piano)


Programme note
“Sometimes it is necessary to decide on the title of a work before having even begun to compose the music. Ideas wander around the mind, musical material, a formal concept, a scent, sounds and sights …
The composition is begun and the ideas somehow materialise on paper and then in real audible music, forming the core of the initial concept, sounds etc. and testing the limits of the instruments. Sometimes unimagined colours and tonal possibilities of these instruments are unexpectedly discoverd.
The splinters of the title have ‘regressed’ into entire trees: the imagined concepts have been splintered through the compositional process … an image of one’s own soul and its abysses makes its way forward.”

Thomas Larcher