Vier Seiten for violoncello (1997)

Work commissioned by the State of Tyrol
WP: 1997, Innsbruck (AT) | Thomas Demenga (violoncello)

Audio sample

Thomas Demenga (violoncello) | CD Naunz

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Programme note
While I was composing “Vier Seiten”, I was constantly reminded of Ayrton Senna’s fatal accident, an accident that was repeated in slow motion ad nauseam on every television station. The swift moment of the car right before it crashed into a concrete wall, movement that was no longer goal-directed but had gone out of control, sending the car careening back and forth, followed. With time stretched out to such an extreme, you no longer experienced a crash but pieces of carbon fibre, metal and human body parts being rapidly pushed into one another. After the collision, so to speak as an epilogue, everything suddenly slowed down: tires and car particles hovered in the air, and the torso of the vehicle gradually juddered to a halt. Only then did I notice that the whole scene had been accompanied by paralyzing silence.

Thomas Larcher